Arm Your Team with Awareness

"When it comes to data risk management, people can be a significant variable.”

Unaware of risky behaviors and actions they take, employees and customers can become a liability. However, empowered with basic understanding of identity theft risks and red flags, your team becomes an additional line of defense for your business. Our Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) provides a flexible, cost-effective way to train your staff. Through a secure online connection, at their convenience and yours, members can access a series of online training modules. Each module features an optional assessment that business owners can use to confirm knowledge retention and highlight learning gaps. 

Launch Risk Management Training

 Management Data Security & Privacy 

This course emphasizes risks associated with the loss or compromise of sensitive data and/or personally identifiable information (PII), and how companies can protect their businesses and their customers by reducing data security and privacy risks – ultimately preserving company reputation, customer trust, and ensuring compliance. 

 Advanced Risk Management Data Security & Privacy 

This course reviews the basics of data risk management, provides a more in-depth understanding of data and privacy, introduces an action plan to proactively mitigate risks, and provides case studies for key professional markets. 

 Risk Management Data Breach Forensics Liability & Remediation 

This course provides an overview of forensics and cyber security essentials, outlines items to help assess liability and remediation, and conveys clear benefits of experienced information security professionals.